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Gran Premio del Jurado


  • Pau Rodilla
  • España
  • OPPO Reno 4 Pro

Mejor cortometraje de ficción


  • Pau Rodilla
  • España
  • OPPO Reno 4 Pro

Mejor largometraje

One Punch

  • Darcy Yuille
  • Australia
  • iPhone 8 Plus y iPhone X

Mejor vídeo musical

To the Death

  • Mark Krivoshein
  • Rusia
  • Xiaomi Redmi Nota 10 Pro

Mejor cortometraje documental

La utopía de los indignados

  • Marcelo Lagreze
  • Chile
  • iPhone 7

Mejor cortometraje animado

Odd One Out

  • Andrew Robb
  • Australia
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+

Mejor cortometraje de la década

Time to pay off debts

  • Conrad Mess
  • España
  • iPhone 6s+

The jury

María Jesús Pereiro Cruz

An actress with a long history, she studied Interpretation at the Barcelona Theater College and Film Interpretation at the 15 de Octubre Film School. She moves to Madrid and complements her studies at the Academia del Verso de Alcalá de Henares. He has been seen in various theaters in the city of Madrid as part of the cast of “Si las Paredes Hablasen”, “Vagos y Malerantes”, “Yerma” and “Ananke.” Currently, for a year, he has been part of the cast of "Amor y Redes Sociales" by the FEVER production company that can be seen at the Soho Theater in Madrid.

José B. Fernández

A film lover for as long as he can remember, he studied Audiovisual Communication and has been working as a producer, screenwriter and director of educational audiovisual projects for 12 years now. He is a regular radio contributor, stage actor, and screenwriter. Regular jury of the Elche International Independent Film Festival.

Pierre Vives

His relationship with the cinematographic world develops in different aspects, mainly acting. His command of different languages has led him to participate in numerous shorts of international scope, such as "Matryoshka", "Topicops", "Vivos" or "Mental Party". He has also participated in Spanish productions, such as "Di Di Hollyood" by Bigas Luna and "Nieva en Benidorm" by Isabel Coixet. He has been director, head of communication and presenter of the Alicante International Russian Film Festival, Cine VOLNA. He is also part of the jury of the Elche International Independent Film Festival.


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