Cinephone was born in 2012 with the intention of highlighting the technological democratization of smartphones, which put in the pockets of everyone cameras with which to record short films. Since then, the festival has grown exponentially, becoming an international benchmark for cinema shot exclusively with smartphones. The festival supports the use of the smartphone as an alternative means for an idea of quality to end up on the screen. Thanks to the platform it has, it rewards and encourages creators to continue using the smartphone as a tool with which to record. And not only short films, but also music videos, documentaries and even feature films. On the other hand, it has Cinephone Kids, a series of courses and workshops so that children take advantage of the cameras of the smartphones they already have to bring out the filmmaker of their interiors. In an increasingly technological and audiovisual world, it is essential to learn to master the tools we use and to understand the language in which they express themselves.

Featured short films from our history



José L. Martín
Oscar J. Cuartero

Cinephone kids