Dreamgrip bets on the Cinephone International Smartphone Film Festival project and decides to reward its participants of the 7th edition with 2 complete packs for the 2 best short films of 2018.


Dreamgrip, manufacturer of gadgets for the realization of videos and for all types of smartphones has decided to support the Cinephone 2018 project, giving away 2 complete packages of its products to the 2 best short films of the 7th 2018 edition of our festival.

The industry recognizes more and more the enormous potential of the film shot with mobile phone and proof of this is the enormous participation of this edition worldwide.

Cinephone international smartphone film festival becomes the first european member of the Global Mobile Film Awards (GMFA)


Cinephone continues betting on smartphone filmed cinema and has become the first european member of the Global Mobile Film Awards (GMFA), a festival of festivals which chooses the best short and long films filed exclusively with smart phones from all other worldwide festivals to find the best of the best and award the ‘oscar’ for the best smart phone film project in the world.
The Global mobile film festival is celebrating its second anniversary and continues its growth among the circuit of consolidated festivals dedicated to this type of cinema, for this reason it also counts on important members from different continents with the help of traditional festivals from the United States.

This 2018, Cinephone renews its agremnet to share winners with Elche's Independent Film Festival


The 41st international independent film festival in Elche (FICIE) and Cinephone- International Smartphone Film Festival, celebrating its 7th edition, have renewed their colaboration agreement, to share and push their winners to a worldwide level thanks to cinephone and FICIE’s contacts and are beeting one more time on this type of cinema which we are so passionate about.


Cinephone nominated by the Iberian Festival Awards 2018


Cinephone has been nominated by the Iberian Festival Awards to compete in the catagory of best non-music festival from among 40 festivals in Spain and Portugal.

Cinephone and Elche's Independent Festival of Cinema sign an agreement.


Elche’s 40th Film Festival and Cinephone’s International Smartphone Film Festival have signed an agreement of colaboration.
Having many things in common with the FICIE, we believe that what’s important is the talent of the creator, and not the technical means with which they record, sfor this reason the 2 festivals coincide and bet on the democratization of cinema, supporting the use of smart phones as an alternative medium of getting an idea to the big screen.
So, it’s a pleasure to inform you that:
This 2017 with the idea of looking for the best projection for the authors of smartphone films, the
FICIE has started collaborating with cinephone, so that the winner of the Mobile Filmmaker category at the current 40th edition of the FICIE enters es a winning finalist at the 6th edition of the of Cinephone 2017 and vice versa, thus giving a double awrd to our participants.
Both the FICIE and cinephone will help with the international distribution and promotion of the best short smartphone films from festivals all over the world.